About Author

John R. Prioleau Sr. is an author, a former US Navy Officer, supervisor, teacher, and life coach who, despite the adversities he encountered throughout his life, triumphed and made the impossible possible with his strong determination. This man of honesty is the epitome of “Chase Your Dreams and Watch Success Chase You.” His entire life is all that one needs to look at to let persistence be their master and success be their slave. Starting the journey of life in the military from nothing but dedication to achieve something greater to turning it into a living dream is highly inspirational for all. He overcame all the hurdles that came in his way to make his far-fetched dream a picture-perfect reality. Through the profound and captivating storytelling of his life struggles and achievements, John conveys the message to all to enjoy life to the fullest and be the best version of themselves despite the bitterness of life. He chooses to continue being a server to protect his nation, instruct his peers, support his parents, build his sustainable future, and preach to people about the right path to success.